Disadvantages of DIY Divorce

Disadvantages of DIY Divorce

divorceDivorce can be expensive. This is something many of us know and a major reason why so many people attempt to end their marriage without the legal assistance of a qualified divorce attorney. This is particularly common for those who are in agreement on the divorce settlement. It sounds economical, of course, and there are some cases in which both parties might be able to effectively divorce on their own, through what is known as a Pro Se divorce. Children cannot be involved, no additional charges can be filed, and both spouses should be able to financially sustain themselves in the aftermath of their divorce. As you can see, it takes a specific set of circumstances for a Pro Se divorce to be a viable option for both parties.

There are some disadvantages to divorcing on your own, however. Divorce attorneys spend decades honing their knowledge and skill to be effective in their area of practice. Assuming you are not a divorce lawyer, you will fumble quite a bit and, most likely, overlook important details whether because of your lack of familiarity with the law, or due to your personal bias. We often trust professionals to carry out tasks that we are not trained to do, so why would you try to manage your own divorce when you could hire a professional?

The divorce process is often long and complicated. If you do not have the time to devote to it, especially given the legal rules and cases you may have to read, you could find yourself in a big predicament. If you make enough mistakes, or prolong the length of time, you could end up spending more than you would had you sought legal representation.

At Sekella Law, PLLC, we have provided our legal help to many individuals in cases of divorce and legal separation. Our client-centered approach is how we best serve your interests as we walk you through this difficult time in your life.

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