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DIY Divorce: Is It Right for Me?

Divorces can become costly, especially when spouses have emotional tension or animosity towards each other. Despite the complicated nature of the divorce process, many people still try to cut costs by doing their divorce themselves. Before you decide to DIY your divorce and throw out your lawyers, here are three important questions you should ask yourself to fully comprehend whether or not completing your own divorce is right for you.

Are you able to civilly make difficult decisions with your spouse?

If you and your spouse can't stop arguing, there is no way you'll be able to hammer out complicated and important details. Divorce details, such as property division, debt division, child custody, and alimony, are complex and often debated heavily. If you and your spouse continuously fight or cannot speak to each other at all, how will you be able to settle these affairs fairly?

Will the dominant party take advantage of the situation?

There is almost always a dominant party or driver in a relationship. Many relationships are undeterred by this factor, but if the other party feels unheard or victimized during the DIY divorce process, you can run into problems. Lawyers and mediators make sure that either party member doesn't get taken advantage of and that the field stays balanced.

Do you know family law?

Sure, you can read a couple of family law blogs online and get an understanding of what it is and how it can apply to your divorce. But the reality is only a professional attorney, one that has dedicated time and years of experience to different divorce cases, can fully navigate the complexities of unique, situational dissolutions. Your divorce is not a cookie-cutter situation that can be fixed with a blanket "family law" blog; it needs the insight of a family law expert.

The truth is, most people will not benefit from a DIY divorce. Hiring a lawyer may cost you something in legal fees, but the truth is, having a professional that will protect your best interests and help you through an emotional and confusing time is well worth the cost.

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