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Stay Off Social Media During Your Divorce March 08, 2017

During a divorce, emotions are typically running high. A couple might be fighting about the cause of the separation, over how to split their assets, or about child custody. Some couples argue for the sake of arguing, which is part of the reason they're divorcing in the first place. Whatever the reason, a person's soon-to-be ex can become the subject of that person's rage and frustration.

If you've ever seen a long-winded Facebook update, you know people often vent their ire on social media. Whether or not their friends respond, someone going through a difficult time may just need to be heard by something, even a computer. However, social media isn't just an online journal that you alone can view. Everyone who has access to your site can read or watch what you post. Even those who aren't supposed to see your information can hack their way in. Your spouse's lawyer could gain access to your personal websites through your partner, a family member, or a friend you both share.

Why Does This Matter?

In court proceedings, an attorney could use any social media posts in court as proof you may be volatile, impulsive, and irresponsible. In child custody hearings, for example, this could be disastrous for you. Let's say, for instance, a man types out a long rant about how much he hates his wife. His wife's attorney uses that post in court to prove he might be prone to violence. At the very least, he's irresponsible and unlikely to compromise with his wife on visitation. The judge rules against him because of it, and he's only able to visit his children supervised.

Delete Your Social Media Sites

Consider deleting your sites if you're going through a divorce. Not only will it remove the temptation of posting negative comments about your ex, but you could also eliminate any compromising photos or status updates you may have shared in the past. For example, if one of your old pictures shows you drinking heavily, you don't want to give your spouse's lawyer the opportunity to use it against you as a reason to deny child custody.

If you're facing a divorce, ensure you have an excellent Manchester family law attorney on your side. We treat the people we help with compassion and courtesy. Trust our experienced lawyers to help make this process a little easier. Contact us at (603) 686-7229 or fill out our online form for a preliminary case review. We look forward to working with you.

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