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Will I Have to Pay Alimony?
Will I Have to Pay Alimony?

How Courts Determine Alimony In divorce, courts may order one spouse to provide monetary support for the other to cushion the initial blow of financial separation, which in many cases puts one spouse at a significant disadvantage. When evaluating whether or not to award ...

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  • How to File a Restraining Order in New Hampshire

    Restraining orders, or protective orders, are ordered by courts upon the request of a person who feels legitimately threatened by the actions of ...

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  • How to Protect Your Personal Property in Divorce

    Ending a marriage is an emotional experience for parties to endure, no matter how necessary it is, especially if it lasted for a particularly long ...

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  • How to Behave in Family Court

    When making a good first impression, etiquette is essential. This is especially true in the courtroom, where there are many state, and unwritten, ...

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  • The Risks of Online Divorce Services

    There is no denying that, in some circumstances, divorce might be an expensive proposition. This can sometimes be true for cases that end up going ...

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  • Why Unwed Parents Must Establish Paternity

    Many people only view paternity tests as necessary when seeking to prove that an intimate partner is not your child’s biological parent. Paternity ...

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  • The Role of an Attorney in Mediation

    Divorce is often a difficult time for parties to endure, regardless of how mutual or amicable in the decision to divorce. Luckily, many are able to ...

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  • How to Modify a Family Court Order

    When it comes to family court orders, nothing is ever set in stone, though a modification will require effort and some valid reasons before a court ...

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  • Mediation and the Role of Your Attorney

    If you and your spouse choose mediation as a means of dissolving your marriage, you might be wondering if you still need an attorney and what role he ...

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