Will I Have to Pay Alimony?

Will I Have to Pay Alimony?

How Courts Determine Alimony

In divorce, courts may order one spouse to provide monetary support for the other to cushion the initial blow of financial separation, which in many cases puts one spouse at a significant disadvantage. When evaluating whether or not to award alimony to your spouse, a judge will primarily consider your earning potential, financial obligations, overall health, fault in the divorce, and contributions to the family and home. If you make significantly more money than your spouse and you have been married for at least a few years, there is a chance you may have to pay alimony for a period of time.

Paying Alimony During Divorce

If you are already separated from your spouse, know that a judge may require you to pay temporary alimony once you officially begin the process of divorce. Temporary alimony is paid before divorce is finalized and is intended to help less-affluent spouses with the costs of necessities, settling into a new residence, and other immediate expenses associated with separation and divorce.

Paying Alimony After Divorce

If you make significantly more money than your spouse and have been married for more than a few years, there is a good chance you will have to pay alimony, at least for a short amount of time. This is especially true if your spouse has less education, personal income, and/or is continuing to serve as the primary custodial parent to your child. If such financial imbalances exist, you may also be required to help your spouse go back to school or support them during professional training programs while they work toward financial independence. (This is known as rehabilitative alimony.)

A judge may also require you to make alimony payments if you receive a disproportionately larger portion of your shared assets. Depending on the level of disparity created during property division, this could last months to years. The federal tax code and NH statutes will have an impact on alimony ordered, or agreed upon after 1/1/2019.

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