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Divorce, property division does not have to be overly difficult

People in New Hampshire generally do not expect to divorce years or even decades after getting married. However, researchers say that nearly half of married couples end up parting ways in the United States. Although the divorce process can no doubt be difficult to navigate -- especially when matters such as child custody and property division are concerned -- a couple of tips may help those going through it to do so as peacefully as possible.

First, receiving emotional support from friends, family members or even therapists may prove helpful for dealing with a future ex-spouse's behaviors. This is especially true if the other party becomes much more antagonistic than normal. This can easily happen if an ex-spouse starts seeing the marital breakup as a ruthless competition to win.

In addition, divorcing spouses with young children may want to consider custody arrangements outside of shared custody, as sharing custody of a child is not always the best choice, depending on the family's situation. Divorcing parties would be wise to take into account their geography, finances and schedules when trying to decide on a parenting plan. They may also want to consider the child's temperament, practicalities and needs.

The best divorce scenario in New Hampshire is for both parties to agree on how to tackle matters such as property division and child custody. This will allow them to produce a mutually beneficial settlement agreement without further court intrusion. Of course, sometimes proceeding to divorce trial is unavoidable if a couple cannot see eye to eye on a particular divorce issue. Either way, a person who is going through divorce can confidently fight for his or her best interests with the help of an attorney.

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