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If alimony is a facet of your divorce case, you should speak with a highly knowledgeable attorney before taking any other action. Alimony, which is also known as spousal support, exists to provide help for those who are unable to support themselves after a divorce. Our team of effective, passionate Manchester divorce attorneys at Sekella Law, PLLC can guide you in understanding of alimony matters. Unlike child support with its formula on obligation, alimony is based on demonstrating one party has a need and the other party has the ability to pay.

How Is Alimony Decided?

The court considers many factors when determining an award of alimony or spousal support, and the length of time that award shall be paid. It is important to be aware of how alimony is calculated.

Some of the factors the court considers in determining alimony are:

  • Marriage length
  • Age of the two individuals
  • Employability skills
  • Future ability to acquire assets
  • Present income

If alimony is not discussed in the early stages of the divorce process, the courts could consider it waived. In other words, the party in need has to demonstrate that he or she lacks sufficient income or property, to provide for his or her reasonable needs while taking into consideration the standard of living during the marriage. The party seeking alimony also has to demonstrate that the party with the ability to support would be able to meet his or her own reasonable needs.

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