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It is common knowledge that child support is one of the most hotly contested issues in divorce and family law cases. It is critical to consult with an experienced Manchester child support attorney immediately to understand laws surrounding your situation. In most cases, parties’ incomes and parenting schedules are critical factors for the courts in their evaluation and deciding what is best for each unique case.

What to Expect With a Child Support Case

Unlike most areas of family law, child support is first determined using a formula. This is known as a child support calculator. This calculator is weighed with other factors.

Factors courts evaluate in child support cases include:

  • Income
  • Parenting schedule
  • Medical, dental, & educational expenses
  • Special needs
  • Economic consequences (stepparents, stepchildren, natural children, adopted children)

After careful deliberation, the court determines if the child support guidelines are appropriate in whole, in part, or in some variation.

Why a Lawyer Is Necessary In Your Child Support Case

The child support guidelines generally involve consideration of gross income. However, appropriate deductions are made for federal income tax, federal insurance contributions act (FICA), and Medicare. The New Hampshire child support calculator takes into consideration certain allowable deductions. With these evaluations in mind, it is clear why you should consult with a divorce lawyer to ensure the proper calculation, to prevent you from bearing excessive burdens that could have been prevented.

Expenses & Child Support

New Hampshire child support guidelines do not take into consideration either party’s expenses. Yet, if the party’s parenting plan reflects a shared schedule or shared approximate expenses, especially those incurred for the benefit of a minor, children may become a factor. There is an understood presumption that child support guidelines include an appropriate amount for child support, but a court may make adjustments to these guidelines under special circumstances. Disputes in the area of child support often lead to some of the most damaging divorce and family law cases.

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If you are embroiled in divorce proceedings and are facing contested child support, our team at Sekella Law, PLLC can provide you with legal assistance that is client centered, compassionate, and concerned. We will fight for you, as your family and future are our focus. Contact our team today to get a preliminary case review. Whether any of the exceptions will apply to your family law depends upon various factors, and you should consult with a qualified Manchester family lawyer.

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