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Contempt of Court

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It is a sad reality that many going through the process of legal separation face the possibility of dealing with contempt. In these situations, one feels helpless and neglected, as the other party is not complying with clear court orders. If you are in this scenario, you need an advocate to stand in your corner and plea on your behalf. Our Manchester family law attorneys at Sekella Law, PLLC give individual attention to each of our clients and will walk alongside you during this process. It is our duty to skillfully appeal to the proper authorities in cases of contempt, and we are quick to do so.

What Is Contempt?

It is helpful to understand contempt in order in order to easily recognize it in court. Contempt arises where one party is not complying with a clear court order. When such non-compliance occurs, contempt is at hand.

Common factors used to determine contempt include:

  • Willfulness
  • Intentionality
  • Without good cause

When these key factors are identified, an attorney can alert the courts that the negligent party is committing contempt.

Consequences of Contempt

If a lawyer can demonstrate to the courts that a party is guilty of contempt, then the courts can issue orders against the negligent, non-compliant party. These orders may involve reasonable costs, attorney fees to the suffering party, and potentially other penalties. For orders against a party committing contempt, it must be clear and obvious that this non-compliance is intentional and within the said party's control. If this is the situation, attorney fees may be awarded.

Legal Representation for Contempt

If you are on the wrong end of contempt, and feel its ongoing consequences, you may be entitled to certain awards that could be obtained with the right legal help. Our Manchester divorce attorneys at Sekella Law, PLLC is passionate about advocating for the defenseless, and stand ready to pick up your case. Contact our firm today for preliminary case review.

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