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Facts About Divorce in Manchester

Family is often the most important relation in one's life. The possibility of divorce or a form of legal separation can be traumatic, as the proceedings are emotional and can drastically change one's life in unforeseen ways. The proceedings often involve intense questioning that you need to be prepared for.

Areas of tough questioning include:

These areas of questioning may also involve concerns about domestic violence, abuse (both physical and verbal), and the possibility of a restraining order. The experienced Manchester divorce attorneys at Sekella Law, PLLC are ready to stand by your side and provide the necessary legal and relational support you need.

Uncontested & Contested Divorce in New Hampshire

There are two kinds of divorce, each with differing requirements and anxieties. An uncontested divorce is straightforward, as both parties agree to terms of divorce, separation, and can come to agreement on settlement. A judge is involved, but the process is expedited and often involves less legal fees.

A contested divorce is more demanding, as one of the parties cannot come to agreement concerning some area in dispute. These cases are often lengthier and more expensive, and involve a judge making final determinations in the areas where the two spouses could not come to agreement.

Experienced Divorce Lawyers in New Hampshire

We at Sekella Law, PLLC have provided our legal help to many individuals in cases of divorce and legal separation. We are client centered in our approach, meaning you are our first priority, and your betterment is our chief goal. We will not sugar coat the situation to you, but will rather talk frankly and forthrightly, in order to better inform and prepare you for what is ahead. We will walk with you through this difficult time, and can provide necessary support you may be lacking. This applies to any interested parties in Manchester and the surrounding areas

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