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At Sekella Law, PLLC, our family law attorneys in Manchester have an ongoing efforts to secure father's rights for our clients. Though in years past many cases were not decided in a father's favor, recent history shows a steady progress in the opposite direction. The ongoing fight for father's rights in a divorce or parenting rights cause in New Hampshire requires specific legal attention. This is even the case when a father has been active and participating as a parental figure.

Court Determination for Father's Rights

With the steady progress, it is critical to understand how the courts operate in making their determination for father's rights. This determination also extends to parental responsibilities and residential placement. A recent development for courts in their determination is exclusion of preferential treatment.

Examples of preferential treatment that are no longer used in determination include:

  • Gender of the parent
  • Gender of the child

These excluded preferences have aided lawyers in their fight for father's rights.

Legal Assistance & Legal Questions

With these recent developments and changes in New Hampshire, you as a client will certainly have questions relating to child support, child custody, visitation, and decision-making. These areas are all now part of parenting rights and parenting responsibilities. In fact, some New Hampshire family law courts continue to forge an uphill battle for equality when it comes to the assessment of the father's rights. Divorce and family lawyers are having to respond accordingly. However, in the realm of a parenting plan and parental rights and responsibilities, the significant changes that are occurring look at parental involvement from both parents as in the best interest of the child.

In advocating for father's rights, our firm, Sekella Law, PLLC, and our team of divorce and family law attorneys will assist you in understanding whether shared parenting or a primary residence for the children is in the children's best interests. Our team of Manchester divorce attorneys practice in many New Hampshire family law courts throughout the state, so we know how to effectively and efficiently address your father’s rights questions and concerns.

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