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About Paternity & Unwed Parents

Our Manchester Family Law Attorneys Can Help

Recently, there is a growing trend of unwed partners raising children together. As cohabitation has increased, so has the potential scenario of parents who need to determine legal paternity. These situations are common and our team of family lawyers in Manchester at Sekella Law, PLLC can help navigate the process of determining paternity. While it may seem unnecessary to some, it is critical to ensure proper care and support for the child.

Legal Help for Unmarried Parents

If a couple with a child is seeking to ensure the father has parental rights of his child, then it is critical to establish proper paternity. In most circumstances, a court will only award the unmarried father parental rights once paternity has been established. To begin the process of establishing paternity, a veteran lawyer must take up your case and involve the courts.

Court involvement can lead to:

  • Direct court order for a paternity test.
  • Mailed request for paternity test from Department of Health and Human Services.

These two options help progress the process of establishing parental rights for an unwed father.

An Exception to the Rule for Unwed Parents

There is a situation where the scenarios outlined above are not required. If the unmarried father signed a document known as an Affidavit for Paternity at the birth of the child, then the process of submitting to a paternity test would not be necessary. This will also serve as a valid legal status if parental rights and/or child support come into question.

Unmarried Parents & Paternity Law Representation

If you or a loved one is in the midst of trying to establish paternity for unmarried parents, our experienced Manchester family lawyers at Sekella Law are here to support you. We can give you the tools and information that you need to succeed.

Contact us today for a preliminary case review and our informed advice on how to proceed.

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